Waiting For Winter Break!

I feel like a kid waiting for the final days to pass until we begin winter/Christmas break. Counting today we have 2 days (or 1 not counting today) remaining. And I’m not the only one counting. Some of the staff began counting as soon as we returned from Thanksgiving! They made me laugh, it was way too early to count down, in my opinion anyway. I’m tired today. It’s been emotionally exhausting worrying about Covid and positive cases and the rise in cases. I know I’m not alone in that I just want to celebrate Christmas; the birth of our Savior.

It’s funny though because I don’t want time to pass too quickly because the next you know you’re back at work. Plus I begin my program in February. I know I’ve written about this before, I’m partly excited to get started and partly dreading writing more papers. I’m dreading the papers because I don’t particularly care for research. Some issues are easy to find scientific approved articles and others are so difficult you wonder why you chose that subject in the first place. Plus the articles are only permitted to be about 4 years old. I haven’t even started yet and I’m already complaining.

We’ve decided this year since we aren’t going anywhere due to Thomas and his tendency to be so structured; to have a brunch on Christmas Day with my mom and family. A change to what we usually do and I am looking forward to it. We’ll all be together for dinner as well; it will be nice.

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