Exercise at o’dark thirty AM

Since the middle of this past September I’ve been getting up at the early hour of stupid o’clock in the morning to work out before work. Honestly it’s the only way to fit it in my schedule, plus as an added bonus I do it in the morning and I’m good for the day. I attend classes at The Maxx Challenge Gym about 10 minutes from my house; well it’s 10min at 5am. That’s how this all works, I’m able to get to the gym and back in recorded time due to the lack of traffic.

It’s interesting working out that early in the morning. Most (mainly me) are quiet and we say good morning to each other. Then at 5am sharp class begins. Our instructor, Amanda is amazing. She’s beautiful inside and out and her workouts really get you going. Amanda takes the workouts seriously and it’s shows after you’re done. Love her!

After the workout I rush home to make a protein smoothie and get ready for work. If I know what clothes I’m wearing that day all is well and I’m out the door by 6:50am smoothie in hand. If I’m in a mood and can’t find a thing to wear just get out of my way. Thankfully I’m still the only one up at that hour, so no one is in my way.

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