Back To The Salon

Most people who know me personally know I was fiercely loyal to my hair stylist, Natalya. I adored her and she always got me when it came to either changing the cut, color, style or all three at the same time. I believe I went to her for about 6 + years. Our relationship came to a crashing halt when last year Natalya told me she had gotten married (she was a single mom); I was so so happy for her, but…she and her family were moving to Florida. I was very sad for me as selfish as that sounds.

So I began going to a salon around the corner from my house that I had frequented many many years earlier. I really liked the cuts and color my new/old stylist did for me, he listened and would give great input. But my goodness they were so expensive compared to the salon Natalya worked at. I used to color my hair myself but once you get used to the salon doing it, it’s difficult to go backwards. Last month I did bleach it myself and just paid for the haircut around the corner, but when it came time to have a cut and color done I decided to call Natalya’s previous salon and start with someone new from there. All you women readers know how nerve wracking that can be!

So here I sit with blonde dye in my hair patiently waiting for the color to develop and then I’m going for a different short haircut that is similar yo my picture here on my blog. It’s buzzed sides and leaving the top longer. Should be interesting, I’m hoping I leave with what I want.

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