Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to my faithful readers. Knowing I have touched some of you or even made someone feel less alone in a situation I’ve experienced and written about gives me a joy I can’t explain. There are so many times I wish I could be the person I needed by my side when things were tough or so very different than I thought they would or should be. I try to be honest, open and transparent in my writings.

We are celebrating Christmas this year without one my children present. This child of mine is ok and safe but in the interest of their privacy I can’t disclose the reason they aren’t here with us. No one is mad at another or taking a ridiculous stand by not coming. It’s more of an unforeseen emergency. I miss having all my children together of course, but on the more rational other hand I’m glad even though we aren’t together we’re all safe and we all love one another. There will be other holidays and Christmas’s where we will remember this one and be thankful for the times we are together.

I sound calm and accepting but I’m really not. I put up a good front. Inside I’m very sad and even though I’m incredibly thankful I have 3 out of 4 kids present, I’m sad on the inside for the outlier. I’m so so thankful that my kids can make me laugh under the most stressful of circumstances. Yesterday I inadvertently and totally unintentionally insulted one of my kids and when they pointed out my faux pas we laughed and laughed at my mistake. It was good to laugh. To keep my mind occupied. Last night we played the board game “Sorry” and it was good old fashioned fun.

I want to with everyone a very Merry Christmas even though I know many of you are celebrating in difficult circumstances and/or the face of your holiday celebration has been changed forever. I enjoy writing, so here’s to many more blog posts and hopefully many more moments worth writing about.

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