Being Thankful in The New Year

I’m sitting in the nail salon thankful that I’m able to get my nails done. Thankful for my husband who is my person who sees my good, bad, unreasonable and irrational self; brings me back and loves me anyway. I’m so thankful for my kids, my family and my friends. I have a small circle of friends I consider like family who are essentially the most loyal non blood related to me; people on this earth. You know the ones; you don’t speak often enough or on a regular basis but when the shit hits the fan there they are. I’m so very thankful.

I was fortunate that I saw all my children plus son in law yesterday, the brand new start of the New Year. Lelly, my Sam and Thomas stayed for dinner while Alyssa and her husband Sam went to his grandparents for dinner. I’m thankful that Thomas is doing well in his group home and that he has a wonderful nurse who oversees the group home residents, and is on top of his meds and the long term side effects. Her name is Peggy and she never hesitates to keep me informed of all things Thomas.

Tommy and I drove my Lelly to her home in the city on the upper east side. She had a heavy jacket and other things to bring back and for her to commute taking public transportation would have been too much. We had a nice ride and when we arrived at her home we went up to see the apartment. Leaving her was still difficult. I hugged her for what seemed forever. Poor kid stood there waiting for me to let go. I’m glad she’s good natured and loves me enough to let me hug her for as long as I want.

My Sam is doing well. I’m thankful she and I are close. I listen to her and I’m grateful that most times she listens to me. I know she trusts me and I don’t take that trust lightly. We both were off (her from school and me from work) for Winter break this past week. We had good quality time together. We both return to our realities tomorrow. And that’s ok. I’m ready to go back- I say that now, haha.

It was really nice to see Alyssa and Sam even if for a little while. Alyssa and Lelly took the ride to go pick up Thomas and they were all funny together in the car. Thomas gets dramatic when he tells us something going on in his life and the girls are so used to his drama we’re all like, “ Okay Thomas: We get it!” Or if he is causing trouble in his house or day program I’m always saying, “Stop! I didn’t raise you to act that way so cut the crap!” Alyssa is such a great big sister to everyone. She’s sweet and honest and never hesitates to stick up for a sibling. I’m very thankful she grew into the person that she is.

So think about things and be thankful. We all have shit in our lives that can cloud the good, but the good is still there you just have to look a little harder to see it.

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