Our cat Smokey died last week. Tommy found him. It’s terrible and sad. There’s seriously enough going on right now in the background and then Smokey dies; goes over that rainbow bridge. We had 3 cats; in order of their ages, Belle, Smokey and Cash. Smokey was the coolest IMO. He didn’t care if people came over he would stand his ground and hang out in the kitchen or dining room. Even if someone came over to visit with their dog like my parents when they had their dog Daisy or Sam and Alyssa with Clayton. Smokey wouldn’t care or be intimidated nor would he leave “his” kitchen. Oh no.

It’s so sad when you lose a pet. They are seriously a part of your family, part of your daily routine. I would have my coffee in the morning and my gray friend would jump up on the chair right next to me. Then he would be half standing on my lap. This is after he had gotten himself underfoot with Tommy trying to get Temptation treats at 5am. Not a good time to be weaving in and out of someone’s legs.

He always looked unkempt because Smokey wasn’t one to really clean or groom himself much. I would have to brush him and even then his fur looked weird. I didn’t care, to me he looked handsome. He was such a good cat, never mean and he always made us laugh.

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