Adventures at the flea market

I almost forgot to write about the flea market I was a vendor at a couple of weeks ago. I figured it would be worth it to rent a space and try and get my business cards and my name out there.  I set up my space with all my merchandise which consists of pre-owned clothing, shoes and handbags ( is my website).  I was by myself of I would have set up a tent to keep the sun at bay.  I was fortunate that the next space over was a lovely retired couple selling Royal Dalton figurines along with some various yard sale nick knacks.

I thought I came prepared.  I had merchandise, change, I brought my lunch and water bottles.  I even had a comfy chair.  People are funny at flea markets I’ve concluded.  They do not want to talk or chit chat.  They just want to look over your “stuff”.  Most people didn’t even respond when I said, “Hi how are you?”  Strange I tell you.  Anyway I said I thought I was prepared.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the haggling!  Man.  When asked a price I was immediately met with an answer of half my price.  Half!  That’s not haggling that’s insulting.  I would shoot back another price just as fast.  I became a quick learner. I also learned to start higher on my pricing strategy and stay firm.

It was also the best opportunity for people watching. I loved seeing the couple next to me deal with hagglers. At one point the wife became annoyed over a customer haggling her over a dollar for a set of drinking glasses. Seriously? Yes the hagglers became amusement. It was also noticed that the nicer someone dressed was NO indication of whether or not they would spend money. A well dressed mother/daughter pair carrying expensive handbags was very quick to literally paw through my merchandise and not buy a single thing. Meanwhile, the more modest dressed customers were much more polite (still haggled me) but were more likely to buy. I thought that was interesting.

I am planning to attend another similar flea market next month. I can say this time I’ll be even more prepared and I hope not to get as haggled down again.

Designers, familiar names and “who??”

When I started to thrift there were many designers and name brands I’d never heard of.  This is where my iphone became my new best friend.  I can’t tell you how many designers I “discovered” in the middle of the thrift store thanks to google!  Just a few that were new to me are;  AG (Adriano Goldschmied) denim, Splendid (I have a top with that name from Bergdorf Goodman, Diesel denim~I’d heard of Diesel but I had NO idea how pricey they are~wow!  To name a few more are William Rast, Jil Sander, Balenciaga, and Joy Han.  Designer names I’d never heard of.  I had no idea of the wonderful world of these clothes and handbags before I became enamoured with the thrift.  Most of the general public is familiar with Burberry, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc…in fact I have a gorgeous Burberry satin skirt on my website as well as other either more “common” designers or unknown to some.  I encourage everyone to find out about a designer if you see a piece of their clothing that intrigues you.  This is not to say you should become obsessed with and/or become deep in debt to acquire said clothing or handbag, but you seriously never know what will turn up at the thrift!  I have the coolest vintage Christian Dior skirt suit found at the thrift.  I adore this suit and one day I will find the best venue to wear her and she will shine!  

Through the thift I’ve gained knowledge about vintage Coach bags.  I currently have 3 in my collection that were made in the USA, One made in NYC.  I think that is the absolute coolest ever!  Don’t get me wrong I love the newer bags I own as well, made in China but there’s something oh so special about “Made in NYC/USA”.  An era gone by.


As usual I encourage anyone reading who is in search of a specific designer or style of clothing, shoes, handbags, etc…to contact me.  Email, text, whatever is best for you.  If I’m selling an item and you’ve never heard of the designer/brand feel free to ask.  If you’ve seen a specific designer item but it’s not in your budget right now, let me know.  As your personal shopper I would absolutely keep my eyes open while at the thrift~you never know what will turn up!Image