I had an interview!

Eeeeek!!!! I had my first nursing interview in over 8 years. It is a part time/per diem office position in Manhattan. The rate of pay is significantly lower than what an RN would make in the hospital setting but IMO you can’t really compare as the work load outside a hospital is usually significantly less with also much less stress. I *think* I did ok with the interview. I hope so anyway. I’m not 100% sure this position is for me but no one wants to be rejected. I’m excited though. Excited that my resume was read and that I am being considered for a job! Part time is ideal for me at this time, and the hours were perfect for fitting in the kids’ schedules both in school and after school. And I adore Manhattan to think I could be working there gives me a thrill, to be able to spend time in the city I love and work there… I’ll know by next week if I’ll be offered the position. For now I’ll just play the interview over and over in my head.