Recent thrift finds and other parts of my life.

I did manage to get to the thrift store yesterday.  Whew!!  I was having some sort of withdrawal, I don’t realize how much I miss it until I’m not able to get there.  

I found American Eagle skinny cords size 6, a Lawrence Steele top ~ made in Italy (New designer for me).  A Young Versace cape for my youngest, Samantha.  Yes this fall my 7yr old will be wearing Versace, lol.  I find that highly amusing.  The cape was new and less than 10.00 :).  A Moda International tan hooded sweater in a size Large, Oh and an Escada button up top for me.  I LOVE Escada the fit is wonderful and no way could I afford it if it weren’t for finding that name in the thrift.  The new finds haven’t found they’re way to my website yet but if you’re interested in anything feel free to contact me here or at  

On to the other parts of my life.  Being a Christian is a huge part.  I love the Lord.  I am amazed daily that Jesus died for us.  I’m also amazed at how God works.  I know there are people who don’t accept Jesus as their Savior or even believe in God.  I was probably one of those people not too long ago.  I mean I grew up knowing that Jesus died for us, to save us from our sins, but I didn’t “get it”  If you’re a Christian and reading this you’ll understand what I’m saying.  If you’re not I’ll try to explain that I didn’t fully appreciate (understatement) the depth of Christ’s love for us, the love of The Son and the love of The Father for us.  Christ lived a sinless life and died a horrible, terrible, painful death so that we could stand in his righteousness and be recognized by The Father as one of his own.  It can leave you breathless.

I know many people have testimonies, I love hearing them.  I have a few as well.  My most recent one is about this past year.  I was diagnosed with clinical depression.  I fought the recommendation to take medication until I realized I was in a scary place and no matter how much I prayed or hid in church that I needed something and some people that God himself led me to.

About 3 years ago a therapist who worked with our son Thomas in the past called me out of the blue.  She was looking for special needs contacts/phone numbers on Staten Island and Brooklyn and called me. I hadn’t spoken to “N” in about 6 years.  I gave her what I had, we chatted and caught up and she told me if I ever needed her to call her.  I always like N.

Fast forward 2 years.  Thomas is falling apart due to medication changes that were necesarry for his physical health.  He was in and out of the psych hospital and we couldn’t find a new medication to prevent his behavior from escalating.  Then his out patient psychiatrist tells me he took a position to be on staff at a hospital in NYC and couldn’t see Thomas anymore.  He recommended another psychiatrist to treat Thomas, “Dr. L”.  I was confidently told by the previous doctor that Dr. L could absolutely treat Thomas.

Dr.L was very nice and extremely compassionate in treating Thomas but unfortunately we had exhausted most medication options and residential school was the safest option.  In the meantime I was spiraling into depression due to the constant strain and stress of trying to keep everything and everyone together.  I was desperately searching for a therapist.  No one would call me back.  I couldn’t understand it for the life of me.  One woman did call me back…a week later.  A week later!!  I was so mad I told her to forget it that I called her a week ago.  

I tried seeing a counselor from chuch but it didn’t work out.  One afternoon as Thomas was being discharged from another hospital admission I called N for advice on handling the residential portion of Thomas’ schooling.  We discussed things and I told N I wasn’t doing very well.  She mentioned something about meeting for coffee, I asked her why would we do that?  N answered, “Menay I thought you needed a therapist? ”  I jumped up off my couch and almost yelled, “I do need a therapist!!!!”  N is now my therapist.

After a disastrous appointment with a family physician who it seemed couldn’t wait to prescribe me anti depressants after speaking with me all of 5 minutes I decided to call Dr. L and ask him if he would treat me.  He said yes.  Dr. L is now my doctor.

I firmly believe with all I am that God placed those people in my life to help me.  He put them right in front of me so I would trip over them and they have both helped me tremendously.  God is amazing.  He’s amazing that He gives you what you NEED.    Even when I need to find Escada at the thrift 😉  

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