Thrift, handbags and prayer

I’m telling you those 3 things are so important.  And not new handbags either, I’ve found the most awesome vintage leather “Made in USA/NYC” Coach at yard sales *and* the thrift.  

I may get to the thrift tomorrow if it doesn’t rain horrendously. Somedays, I’d rather be there than home when it rains anyway.  It’s oddly comforting to hear the rain pound on the roof of the thrift store.  In my completely biased opinion it’s cozy to be searching the racks deep in thought of which labels I want, what size, “OMG doesn’t so and so want this denim brand??”   Parking is fairly decent so I’m not too concerned with getting drenched on the way to my car after.


Handbags…I’ve been enamoured with handbags for years now.  I call it a sickness, haha!  I probably have too many but I guess that depends on one’s point of view.  Some women buy a bag and use it to death~I did that a few times with a bag I totally loved.  Lately, given my current collection I’m able to shake things up a bit and change bags when I’m bored or want a different look.  I like having that option.  My husband has generously purchased me a couple of “high end” bags but sometimes I feel odd wearing them, sometimes not.  I guess it depends on my mood.  I don’t care to flaunt I just like what I like and I’ll compliment anyone’s bag no matter who’s name is attached to it.  Colors are awesome in my opinion.  To break away from the standard brown and black can be fun.  Red can be a great neutral people :).


Prayer.  What can I say?  Not everyone prays, not everyone prays the same.  Some people are loud pray-ers, some very quiet and personal.  I will never forget this past Halloween when this man I knew from church approached me and asked how my son (Thomas) was doing.  I guardedly answered “fine, thank you, ” not realizing he was in Bible study with “C” one of our pastor’s wife who I am close to.  I quickly put the connection together and told the man that Thomas was in a residential school and Tommy and I were very happy with the school, thank you so much for asking, etc…  The man gently told me that the bible study group prayed for Thomas and my family every week that the best school for Thomas would be found and my family could heal.  I held back tears.  I never knew they were praying for us.  I felt like I was given the most precious gift that can never be touched with human hands.  That people would pray for us like that~can you imagine??  If you can you’re as blessed as we are.  

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