I don’t miss it

I’m a people watcher.  I watch people where ever I go, the ferry, subway, the school yard, anywhere.  Lately I’ve been watching mothers with young children.  I was that mother not too long ago.  Bringing a child to kindergarten while bringing younger siblings along whether walking, carrying or in the stroller.  It wasn’t easy.  And to be honest I don’t miss it.  No I don’t, there I said it.  People would say to me that I would miss when the kids were young as the kids got older.  Nope, I don’t.  I’m enjoying them as they get older.  I’m not always a fan of the attitude and tone of voices I deal with but for the most part life is easier.  Maybe because life was so stressful trying to figure out Thomas and also raise Alyssa and Daniella. 

I look back at me when Thomas was 5, Alyssa 3 and Daniella a baby. Ack!  Craziness man.  One time I had to get something to wear for my sister’s daughter’s christening.  There was a boutique around the corner and Tommy was working so much I had no choice but to bring all 3 kids with me.  Thomas was I think 7, Alyssa 5 and Daniella 2.  The dressing rooms were the ones with just a curtain covering, we all know how secure that is!  So while I’m trying on clothes Alyssa yells, “MOM!  Thomas just ran out of the store!!”  Of course the store was on a very main street, I ran out of the dressing room yelling at Alyssa to watch Daniella and I grabbed Thomas trying to make a break for it.  I won’t go into how dressed I was or wasn’t but I’m sure some people got a “show” that day.  I laugh now but I wasn’t laughing then.  I’m sure we as mothers/parents all have similar stories.

By the time I had Samantha, Alyssa was 8yrs old and what a help she was!  OMG I never imagined she would have been that great.  By the time Samantha was a year, Alyssa was helping me feed Samantha breakfast.  I didn’t have much help when all 3 were younger at the same time.  I really enjoyed Samantha’s babyhood and even toddler hood.  I’d have to say mainly because the girls were older and Thomas was stable so life was easier. Even now I enjoy Samantha at 7yrs old. 

At one time I thought I never get out of the diaper stage, then I thought I’d never get out of toddlerhood, grade school…etc…  Currently I have one girl in each school ( high school, middle and grade school).   It’s fun and interesting because even though one already went through middle school, the next one is having a completely different experience.  And I’m sure she’ll have her own high school experience as well and then Samantha will be off to middle school.  Yep, I’m good with all this. 




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