Phone calls

Our son, Thomas has been calling us lately from school.  I don’t think we called him once, but he’s called us just about every evening with the exception of 2 evenings I believe.  And last night get this, he only wanted to talk to me.  It was really sweet.  Not a deep conversation mind you but he wanted *me*.  This is a big deal, for me at least because when he’s home and starts to get comfortable, Thomas starts sliding backwards towards behavior that landed him in the residential school to begin with.  So to have him say, “No Mom, I want to talk to you”  when I asked him if he wanted to talk to his father, is really sweet and just reinforces that he does love me.  Yes I know he always loves me but it’s difficult to logically tell yourself this when this sweet boy is giving me dirty looks for no reason.

When Thomas returned to school after Christmas, I was ready to have him go back but felt so guilty about feeling that way. Fast forward 2 days and Thomas calls us from school sounding so good, so comfortable, so at home…it was amazing. That really took the sting out of him going back and took some of the guilt away. After talking to Thomas last night it made me want to visit him even more. Tommy and I were discussing the best day/time earlier. But I have to bring the boy socks. He kills me. Thomas insisted he only has one pair (I find this hard to believe) and that we have to bring him socks when we visit. I called the social worker and she promised to look into the sock issue. Regardless, we’ll still bring him socks, why not?

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