Defining moments

I know we all have these incredible defining moments in our lives. Moments that change you. Whether or not you want to be changed is not a factor. After all is said and done you’re different. So serious huh? But I don’t mean for this to be all that serious. There are plenty of happy defining moments that change us. Change the way we see the world, change the way we see our spouses and children.

I’m terrible at quoting scripture. I can tell you the gist of which quote I want, I’ll even know what book it’s in but those important numbers that follow escape me. A defining moment came out of me needing a quote from the bible. I asked both my girls what quote would fit what was in my heart ~ what I wanted to say using scripture. My 12 year old daughter listened to what was in my heart and BAM, out came the perfect verse. It was personally impressive to witness that. To watch her eyes light up as The Spirit moved her. It was a defining moment for me to see God’s light shining within her. A small blip in time that meant so much.

A “big” defining moment came when we were waiting to hear back from residential schools for Thomas 2 years ago. As I’ve written in past posts, the Board of Ed had forwarded Thomas’ “packet” to various state approved school and weeks had gone by with us not hearing a word from any of them. One afternoon I looked up each school’s phone number and started calling each one asking for the admission’s department. After going for a walk one morning, I arrived home irritated and sweaty. Sweaty from the walk, irritated as depression had already started to get it’s grip on me. The phone rang and I did NOT want to answer, I was not in the mood to talk to anyone. Then I saw on the caller ID it was a school I had called on that afternoon of phone calls. I tell you with all my heart the Holy Spirit made me pick up that phone, just as I know God orchestrated the whole scenario. No other schools returned phone calls after this one. Not one. And I spoke to only 2 others when I started calling. The school who’s phone call I answered is the school Thomas attends now. This was one of many defining moments telling me that God gives us what we *need*. It’s simple actually but so hard to digest especially when there are so many things and not necessarily material things, that we “want”.

If there were 2 things I could “preach” they would be that The Holy Spirit really does move people and that God really does give us what we need. But I’m not a preacher. I can only witness to you what He’s done in my life. Oh, one other thing is that He meets you where you are. I know this to my soul as He’s met me exactly where I was, and when The Lord met me I wasn’t expecting him. I highly doubt He wanted me to know His plan of arrival. And that’s fine. It makes it all the more special and defines me stronger as a believer.

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