Snow day!

Snow day.  For me not the kids.  It’s snowing here in NYC and I believe it’s coming down heavier than predicted.  I’ve already shoveled twice and I’m done. I know my husband will accomplish more with the snow blower than I will shoveling over and over. It’s that heavy snow, you know?  Not fun to shovel.  Yesterday it was about 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) here, I had a couple of windows open and today…this.  It is pretty though.  It’s a “quiet” snow, just falling, falling and making the trees look awesome and everything looks so clean.   I walked to pick up Samantha and it was really nice to walk and take in God’s splendor. I know the last snow storms we’ve had I’ve been too busy shoveling and trying to get my car de-iced to enjoy the quiet prettiness.

I think I accomplished a lot though on this snow day of mine.  I got Samantha off to school, arrived home to vacuum and mop the floors, changed sheets, made beds and listed 4 more things on Ebay.  I’m impressed :).  All while coming off one of my meds (per my physician). 

This part totally stinks, my head feels like my brain is shivering from time to time.  It’s an odd unpleasant feeling to tell the truth, but I am glad to reduce meds and I know this will last a couple more days so I’m looking forward to when this is over. The feeling isn’t incapacitating just unpleasant and makes you slow down a bit, take it easy. I have one of the best prayer partners who prayed for me yesterday after church. We are in the choir together and we sat together during service. I was emotional during worship as a result of the med change, crying which I don’t usually do. Patty sat with me after and I told her what I was experiencing and she asked me if I wanted her to pray for me, next thing I know she is saying the most wonderful spirit led prayer and now she has tears. I’m getting tears in my eyes writing this. God is so good, he truly gives you what you *need*. I wish I were able to quote scripture and be more able to express my faith more than I feel able to. But it is what it is right now. I so appreciate and love the Lord for placing the people he has in my life.

So this is my snow day. Tomorrow hopefully the streets will be plowed, my car will be cleaned off and my walkway clear. I don’t have to hope that God will be here because I know with all my heart He will and He will be guiding us and who knows who’s life He will place you in next.  


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