My thoughts that is, they’re wandering as most of us would probably admit to.  I wander mostly to what life would be like if I worked a full time job outside the house.  Would things be that hectic?  Would it alleviate my boredom?  Hard to say and/or predict.  Don’t get me wrong I’m thankful my husband has been able to provide for us that I have been able to stay home but dang man, this staying at home mom thing seems to get more difficult as the kids get older.  In my personal experience, I find that I’m taken for granted.  My girls *know* when I’m home and that they can call to come home from school (this past time my daughter was NOT all that ill that she had to come home, I only discovered this only after I picked her up).  Another daughter asked to be picked up because she was not feeling well but well enough to attend some classes but not well enough to take the bus home~again information I discovered after I did the driving and  picking up of said daughter. 

I know my husband appreciates me as I appreciate him.  I don’t want either one of us to take each other for granted and so far we’ve been “ok” in that category.  My kids on the other hand…after last weeks picking up – a- pa-looza.  I made the decision that just because I am “home” doesn’t mean I have to pick everyone up just because they want me to.  I think when you stay at home long enough you start to feel “well that’s what I’m here for”, but honestly no it’s not.  I’m here at this time in everyone’s life to ensure the house runs smoothly, not to pick up kids that aren’t even sick (like really sick you all know what I mean). 

So as a result of being taken for granted my thoughts wander. Wander about working full time, part time, any time that wouldn’t take away from when I have to be here. Not an easy schedule to work around but those are my requirements. I won’t make excuses for why I’m still home. Things with Thomas kept me here at this station longer than I thought I would be.

So now my thoughts wander and I wonder what’s next?

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