I got the job!

The one I video interviewed with.  After not hearing back from them the following week or 2, I figured I didn’t get it as I wrote in a previous post. But this weekend I checked my email and what do I see? An email asking me to come in to their office Monday morning. I quickly emailed back that I could make it.  I went this morning, I even arrived early (Yay me ;)).  We chatted and my future employer was very nice and personable. We discussed hours, training, dress code (business casual another yay!), salary, and just about everything one discusses at a job interview.

I start training tomorrow! This doesn’t seem real. I’ve spent so much time putting out resumes and job hunting that it doesn’t seem real that I got the job! I applied for job after job these past 7 months and heard nothing back. I honestly couldn’t even get a job in a supermarket~a popular chain turned me down I hate to admit. It took me renewing my nursing license and praying for guidance to get a job. Amazing IMO. I’ll be in Manhattan part time and I’m so excited. I wanted to work in Manhattan but couldn’t figure out how I would do so without going back to a hospital. I didn’t want to go back to a hospital and worry about working weekends and holidays. So here I am with this part time Manhattan gig in an office with hours that work for my family. It doesn’t seem real.

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