On being 45 and bathing suits part 2

So I’m really not feeling the bikini vibe even though I thought I would. I kept trying on my 2 piece bathing suits and expecting my 20 something body to suddenly reappear when I looked in the mirror. Much to my disappointment it didn’t happen. I am stuck with this “I had 4 kids and I don’t do crunches” body. So off I went in search of a new bathing suit in the middle of August. As you can imagine the pickings are quite slim. I stopped at one discount department store but had no luck. Plus the dressing room lighting and mirror seemed extra harsh and that made it even harder to determine if what I was seeing was truth or not. I thought about all the women who complain about dressing room lighting and mirrors and well they’re right. What are store designers thinking when they design dressing rooms? They aren’t thinking of flattering their customers I can tell you that.

So after dinner I started looking online at Macys.com. The website had a decent selection so I figured maybe the store does too.Alyssa and Daniella had plans so I dragged my 9 year old, Samantha with me. I was pretty optimistic I’d find something. After much hunting and searching I did manage to find a couple of sets that matched and were my size, unfortunately I didn’t like the way they looked. Finally after much grumbling from the 9 year old I hit the jackpot! A two piece bathing suit with netting like material that covers my whole stomach/abdominal area. The top bodice is bikini like which I love and it offers the coverage of a tankini   http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/hula-honey-crochet-halter-tankini-top-side-tie-brief-bottom?ID=1749615&CategoryID=8699&LinkType=#BVRRContainer this is the suit and I am so happy with it.

So there you have it, adventures in swim suit buying, Summer 2015. With a happy ending.

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