Summertime and the thrift

It’s still summer time here, the kids don’t go back to school until September 9th. I know that’s late for many parts of the country but here it’s the norm. I’ve been enjoying this lazy pace. Samantha refused to go to camp so she’s been staying up late and then sleeping late in the mornings. Daniella is only 14 and desperate to find a job but not many people will hire her at this age so she’s been home all summer as well. Soon we’ll leave for vacation and I can’t wait. To carry on this lazy pace in a different place with good friends that is near a beach sounds like a great plan.

I still go into work 2 days a week and even that has been enjoyable to have a break from staying home with the kids. Yesterday I was finished early and it stopped raining so I went thrift shopping down East 23rd st between 1st and 2nd avenues. I really enjoyed myself, I didn’t buy much just 2 tops but it was enough to satisfy my thrift craving. 3 out of the 4 thrift stores were over priced, in my cheap opinion anyway. One was a Goodwill and I wasn’t impressed. The second was a thrift store to benefit an animal rescue group and they had this little yippy barking dog there. Not pleasant and very expensive so I left without buying anything. The third was a Salvation army and that’s where I bought the two shirts, one tank and one silk sleeveless blouse, $5.98 for both. Just my speed. There were also Jimmy Choos shoes but were too small (a 6 and 1/2 for anyone who’s interested)  so I left them. They also had a gorgeous leather handbag that looked new but I’m not in the market for anymore handbags right now.  The last store I went  to benefits an AIDS foundation I believe and they are known to be pricey but I went in anyway just to look. I was there anyway. This particular store loves to put their most expensive finds behind glass cabinets and tease you (I feel teased that is) because you can’t buy those things that day.  I think they hold an auction for said expensive finds but that doesn’t interest me. Finding treasures at the thrift is more my speed. Anyway I left with nothing from there.

Samantha is now up and eating breakfast chatting up a storm to me while I write this. Time to start the day…

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