In The Car

We were on
our way to Shoprite to buy some fruit and other groceries we’ve inevitably ran out of before I do the big shopping trip for the week after the weekend. The radio is on and my girls are talking and laughing with each other. All three of them, chatting it up and giggling/laughing, just getting along. It was sweet and I was so glad to be there. Be there in that moment that years ago I would have taken for granted. Lately I’m getting such great pleasure out of just “being”. And grabbing every moment for what it’s worth. I felt so privileged to be there, driving, being an active part of my girls’ lives. I loved that they were joking around with each other, I reveled in listening to Samantha being her 9 year old self holding her own against 2 older teenage sisters.

Earlier this evening I had the rare opportunity to spend time with my Daniella. She’ll be 15 at the end of this month. We had precious time alone on the way to and back from a pediatrician appointment. The appointment wasn’t anything special or serious, just a follow up. Daniella and I had a great conversation in the car. I love car conversations as you never know what can come up or what you’ll think to talk about. I love that my spirited middle daughter is just as spirited now as she was when she was younger. Except when she was younger she drove me up a wall. She’s since tamed that spirit and it’s one of her greatest assets.

Alyssa has been quite chatty about upcoming events in her life. Prom, graduation, choosing a college… We’ve yet to hear from one last college and I’ve been praying she gets into this last one. I’ve given it to the Lord, it’s in His hands and Alyssa will go to whatever school He sees fit for her to go.

Speaking of the Lord, I’m especially grateful to Him for giving me these girls. He’s truly blessed me and I know how special they are. Tonight I honestly felt like I was given the greatest gifts in my girls. Thomas is a blessing in his own right but my 3 girls are like jewels. Each one sparkles in their own way and each one is different than the other.

I’m glad to be here to enjoy them.

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