A group home…

My husband and I went to see a group home for our son yesterday. My head was spinning a bit as this wasn’t supposed to happen for well over another year or so. The “plan” was for Thomas to graduate from current school, Tommy and I would tour many group homes selecting only the best for our son. Don’t get me wrong the group home we saw yesterday was absolutely wonderful. It’s just not the way I envisioned us doing this. Yesterday’s visit came on the heels of a phone call in which I was being pressured to accept group home placement for Thomas in other boroughs of NYC, none of which were his home borough.

To backtrack a bit; I was talking with my bible study small group leader about wanting Thomas to be here where we live when it was time for him to go to a group home. My co-leader then gave me the phone number of the director of the agency who owns the house we visited yesterday. After the pressured phone call, I was upset and wanted to be proactive so I called the director who immediately took my call. We chatted and I explained the situation and he said he had an opening in one of his group homes. It is no coincidence that I was given the phone number when I was. God is so good. I’ve been praying that Thomas be placed here. Now we have a solid chance at that happening. Sooner than we thought but God works on His own timetable, not ours. His ways are higher than ours; that is so true.

To talk more about the group home, yes it was wonderful. Each resident has their own room, the age population is very diverse, and the staff we met takes their job very seriously. There is a nurse on staff, a psychologist and a behaviorist also on staff. The house was very clean and you could tell they didn’t just clean up that day because we were coming. I’m still praying that Thomas gets placed there as nothing is set in stone yet. God has a plan and we need to honor that plan. Faith in God is more than worship it is complete trust in Him. I’m still working on the trust part. Even though He hasn’t failed me yet. God is so good.

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