Looking back

I’ve been reminded by Facebook of blog posts I’ve written on “that day”. It’s amazing to look back and see what I’ve written. I’ve always tried to be transparent and as honest as I could be; I’ve surprised myself in reading past posts at how blatantly true to myself I’ve been especially when writing about Thomas’ younger years and his first time at residential school. How God showed himself faithful and true. Even when I wasn’t looking for Him, The Lord showed up and made His presence known.

Reflecting back on those blog posts makes me realize God is present in all situations. And gives me encouragement in my struggle to surrender to Him. In looking back I know God has been my provider and my strength. Why do I doubt He won’t be here in the now and in the future? I think doubt is a too strong a word it’s more like I waver in my conviction. When I realize I am wavering I pray for forgiveness for my disbelief.


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