We rented a house with 2 other families this summer at the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  It’s going so well!  I spent most of today in my bathing suit either at the beach or in the pool. Yes a real vacation! When the kids were younger it was so hard to go away and have an actual good time  and be able to relax.

Just now Alyssa and I took off in search of a local bookstore. It was closed so we set off to this little village of shops. Of course I found a shoe store and just had to buy a pair. In my defense they are total beach shoes and will pay for themselves this week I’m sure. It was nice to be able to take off to the store just Alyssa  and I. Samantha has been like a fish in the pool. I don’t think you could pay her to get out.

Tomorrow will be another beach day and just as glorious as today. Tommy said he’ll join me and I can’t wait. It has been very hot here but at the beach the water was cold or should I say refreshing. It was wild to be in the cold ocean with a hot breeze blowing by. I didn’t want to get out of the water.

It’s amazing to be away with great people knowing this has all been planned ahead by The Father. There are no coincidences and He is aware of all our plans since they are after all His plans. It’s also amazing to be witness to the marvel of nature while at the beach. To know He is responsible for every single grain of sand, every wave that comes crashing and those waves that simply waft in gently. The sand crabs were created by Him down to the tiny ones who run across the beach at night. What a good Father.

Im looking forward to savoring every single day of this week basking in the creations of our God. Being away with my family and the families of others. I love the beach.

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