Changing hair color

After going back to being blonde for about 2 years I’ve returned to red hair for the fall and unforseeable future. Those who know me know it doesn’t take much for me to change my hair color. My husband often jokes that he’ll go to the corner deli for a gallon of milk  and return home to me with a different hair color. He’s right though. It has happened where Tommy would go off to work in the evening and return home later to me with a change in hair color. I’m actually surprised that I’ve kept the blonde as long as I did. After this last hair cut/trim  I was itching for a change. I already had a box of red in the cabinet and just purchased a box of blonde. After a couple of phone calls for opinions and polling of family members I decided on the red. And I’m glad I went for it.

My next challenge would be to grow out this super short hair but… every time I even think about it I go and get it cut. No I’m not ready for that kind of angst in my life.

I remember the first time I colored my hair, I was 17 years old. My hair was this dark blonde very light brown color and I did not like it at all. I was so happy when my mom said yes I could dye it. My mom has her beautician’s license so we went off to the beauty supply place to buy the supplies and I got to pick out my new hair color. Exciting!  I remember it came out strawberry blonde because my mom didn’t add a “drabber” to tame the natural red in my hair. I don’t remember being upset I was happy to get rid of my original color. I know the next time we colored it mom used the drabber and poof! The beloved blonde color I coveted was there. Yay! We had good times coloring and perming my hair and perming my best friend’s hair back in the day. Good times.


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