More about my Dad

My Dad has been in the hospital. First with pneumonia that started with a rediculously high fever of 104 degrees F. While he was in hospital he received IV antibiotics and was feeling better. Then the other night he had intense pain which resulted in him calling my mom at home to tell her and yelling at the nurse how much pain he was in. Another test was done and showed an intestinal blockage. So my dad spent most of yesterday drinking CT Scan contrast and then waiting to actually have the CT Scan. In the meantime the intestinal blockage perforated (went through the intestine) and Dad was taken immediately to surgery. The surgeon told my mother she wanted to check out my Dad’s liver while she was in there.

I just heard from my mom.  My Dad is in ICU and has metastatic cancer in his liver and colon. I’m speechless and fighting back tears as I’m on the ferry and riding the subway on the way to work. I’m thankful I have this time to process this information. The train isnt even crowded thank God.

I don’t know what to think. His doctor wants to start chemo straight away. That sounds like a really good plan. I’m worried. Worried for my Dad for what he has to go through and worried for my mom for what she has to go through with him . Does it seem “fair”? No of course not but what in life is fair? I know God isn’t punishing my father or us by giving my dad cancer. So that argument or blame game is out. I guess most of all I’m scared. Scared of the unknown future for my parents together.

I think we all take it for granted that our parents are going to always be there. Always. I know I do anyway.  Like that my father will always be there to answer the phone with some smart retort when I ask if my mom is there, “yeah she’s here…you wanna talk to her or are you taking attendance?” So now I’m getting a full on in your face lesson on the mortality of my parents. Something that a few of my close friends have already had to sadly deal with.

So I’ll continue to pray and emailing and calling my prayer warriors to pray with me. It’s one of the most powerful weapons we have right now.




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