Having Saturday’s Off

I’ve been working just about every Saturday for the past two years now. I’m off today and it feels good. In anticipation of a new job I’m hoping to secure, I informed my boss I would no longer be working Saturdays. I have to say it feels good to not have to run around getting ready for work  while my girls are lounging around or hanging with a friend after a sleepover.

Today I have the added bonus of being glad to be home as I get to visit my Dad in the hospital. A close friend is helping me out with Samantha (thanks Martha!) and the afternoon is mine to go visit him. He’s still in the  ICU as far as I know. And I appreciate everyone who has been praying for him and our family.

I do miss going to Manhattan on a Saturday. The vibe of the city is different on weekends than during the week. The ferry has a different energy mix of tourists and residents taking advantage of happenings going on in the greatest city in the world. I’m sure I’ll get over missing going to the city on a weekend day. I’ll now be able to go at my leisure when I want to not when I have to.

Its now late Saturday afternoon and I spent most of my day with my Dad and mom at the hospital. My dad looks good considering he’s just had surgery a couple of days ago. The doctors want to move him out of the ICU and into a regular room there just isn’t one available right now.

Im glad I spent my first Saturday off with them.



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