Things I’ll miss About Manhattan

It looks like the new job is going to be a reality. I still can’t believe it. So I’m sending my resignation for the Manhattan job. I’m going to miss going to the city. I truly love New York. I like the ferry ride over and I never minded the subway. Except the times I had to take the 6 train on Saturdays. My gosh it would be so, so crowded. But that changed when my office moved to 5th Ave and I would take the R train to 34th st. Perfect. Never too crowded and hardly ever empty that you would feel the creeps.

I’ll miss the anonymity you have while walking the streets of Manhattan. You rarely run into someone you know; it’s as if you’re on a mini vacation from your life when you’re in the city. I’ll also miss the stellar shopping of 34th st. Oh and 14th st Union Square! Some days if I were finished super early I’d stop at the Nordstrom Rack in Union Square. I scored a gorgeous Missoni dress for 39.00 and Valentino sunglasses! I’ll  have to make it a point to return there when I have the chance.

I won’t miss taking the bus home from the ferry. Although the bus is excellent for people watching. You never know who you’ll sit next to or across from. The worst had to be when an actual fist fight broke out right there in front of me on the bus! Unbelievable. For the most part though people on the bus mind their own business and read or talk (loudly) on their phones.

My new job will be local, here where I live so there will be a minimal commute of me driving my car to and from. That will be nice, to be finished with work and be home in 15 minutes. I’ve  been “collecting” business casual clothes in anticipation of this job. That will be a change for me as well. At the Manhattan gig this summer I wore sundresses, skirts and sandals, and now that it’s cooler I’m wearing jeans (dark rinse no distressing or holes) with a button down and flats. I almost can’t wait to be business casual to wear my new clothes; like a kid in September, haha!

So it’s good bye for now  Manahattan and hello local job!

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