The job and life now

I’ve been working full time for about 3 weeks now and I really like it. I like being out of the house; I like having a purpose for my days. I  really like being around other people while I’m working. My immediate co workers are other nurses like me and I really enjoy their company and hearing about their backgrounds and their lives. We’re all so different but we all get along and help each other out.

My job is chart abstracting. Which is the technical term for saying I take paper charts and doctor’s notes and put them on a specific computer program that I’ve been trained to use. I find the work to be challenging at times since I don’t know every medical abbreviation out there and doctors aren’t exactly known for having neat handwriting. I like what I do, I don’t find it boring although sitting in front of a computer all day can be challenging. That can be solved by taking a mini break or stretching, getting a glass of water… I really enjoy working with the people who work at the office I’m assigned to. That staff had been wonderful to us. Very helpful and just all around nice.

The most challenging part of working full time is getting dinner on the table and making sure Samantha’s homework is done. My first day of work, when I walked through the door my girls looked at me like “well? Where’s dinner?” I didn’t know which way to turn first. I did think ahead and had chicken defrosted but I felt like I couldn’t cook it fast enough. Oh and let’s not forget about the laundry!

Im so grateful to God for this job. I prayed and prayed for the job I knew God had in store for me and He heard me. He waited for the depression to be lifted and for me to be able to handle working these hours and to be able to care for my family all at the same time. I can’t say when would have been a better time because God’s timing is always perfect. Always.




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