First day of my new week

I worked one day last week to complete training today my new job. After that was the wake and then funeral for my much loved father in law. I offered to my supervisors to return again on Friday after the funeral but they told me to just start on Monday, start new for a new week. To be honest I was grateful they told me to not go in on Friday my head wasn’t together enough to go to work.

So tomorrow I start my first week of my new life. Working full time. It’s going to be an adjustment for us. Everyone is so used to me being here, heck I’m used to me being here, all the time. I’ll have to adjust the most normal things in life like when I’ll go food shopping, when I’ll get my nails done, I’ll have to meal plan, things I never thought of before as a mostly stay at home mom.

My dress code is business casual so I went shopping on Friday for a few things. I’m worried I’ll hate the things I have to wear. I’ve never been in a business casual environment before. Have I mentioned the area I’m working in is very cold. Tommy says it’s because there are a lot of computers, that makes sense. I just wasn’t prepared for the temperature to be that cold. So this past Friday I made sure I purchased a couple of long cardigans. I must say I miss Manhattan already for the great sale rack at Banana Republic.

I keep thinking back to the last real conversation I had with Chick, my father in law. I was telling him about this job, what I would be doing and that it was full time. He was so happy for me. It makes my head spin that in such a short period of time such a drastic life change could take place. I know he’s with our Lord.  I know he’s looking down at us in peace with no more suffering.

So I’ve picked out my clothes and figured out what to take for lunch and have my bag packed for whatever paper work I’ll need. I’m off…tomorrow!


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