Going home…

My husband and I had a great time away; alone. It was nice to just be with him I really do enjoy his company. There are no walls, no airs put on. I can honestly say that he is my best friend. He doesn’t always understand things about me mainly my handbag and shoe obsession but he tries and is quite tolerant of the amount of both categories I actually own. And I’m proud to say that we went outlet shopping and I didn’t purchase one bag or one pair of shoes 😁. I resisted all the temptation around me. What I did buy was designer/discounted eyeglass frames and Kate Spade earrings, oh and 2 bands for one of my wrist watches. There were so many stores I wish I could have gone into but my husband doesn’t come on vacation to shop as I was told and I had to respect that. Plus paying retail for clothing is not something I do often as I prefer the thrill of the hunt at the thrift or TJ Maxx.

We will arrive home to our girls who we’ve missed and they missed us. I think the dogs missed us too. Lola the (big) puppy apparently was a “lunatic” during the time we were gone and Lelly told me that I “keep the house in check”. That made me feel appreciated.

I loved our time here in a southern state. We were able to visit family and say congratulations for new homes and just have some needed time with them. My sister in law cooked a mean chicken with rice and beans and my brother in law was his usual warm, loving self. It rarely feels like time has passed when I see my brother in law that lives here. We just pick up where we left off and that’s a great feeling.

Tommy and I also were able to visit my family; my uncle and my cousin and his wife. Their hospitality was so warm and welcoming and their kids were great. They live on 6 acres, which to us is immense property. And they have goats and chickens, that was totally cool. My cousin showed us this ultimate in coolness “mancave” that he built. We really enjoyed  our visit and I’m glad we were able to get together.

We’re waiting to board the plane. Who knew so many people fly this early in the morning! Tommy and I are having our seats assigned at the gate. I’m going to see if we can get upgraded, can’t hurt to ask right?

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