Thrifting sky

Ah yes Saturday nice and early in the morning I get up. Not that I have much of a choice of sleeping late with our (big) puppy, Lola barking to either go out or that she wants to eat. I do get to sleep later than I wake up for work so it’s still a win situation in my eyes.

As I’ve posted before I do enjoy getting up early and enjoying the quiet of the house. I also enjoy getting dressed after coffee and breakfast so that I’m ready to go when the thrift store opens. Today I had to make a detour at the bank to pick up needed documents. With that errand completed Lelly and I were off! To the thrift!

Today I found two designer blouses (Isabel Marant and Celine) I almost squealed in the store. Lelly didn’t know who they were so I told her to google. That’s the best thing about smart phones you can google anything anywhere. And I google a lot while thrifting.

I also scored a pair of Frye boots for 10.00. They are in nice shape and not at all beat up. It’s funny as last night in Macy’s I was looking at shoes by Frye and they were over $200.00. Nope.

Lelly scored a couple of Madewell tops one was so pretty. I tried to talk her into a beautiful dress by Tracy Reese but she refused saying she didn’t have anywhere to wear it. If it were my size I’d have worn it to Shoprite, haha!

I get such a thrill out of thrifting you seriously never know what you’ll find it’s like a treasure hunt and I love the hunt! It’s not for everyone. I have some friends who won’t even shop at TJ Maxx as they don’t like to look through the racks hat they don’t have the patience. And that’s ok there’s nothing wrong with not liking TJ’s or the thrift store.

I’m in my “happy place” when I’m at the thrift. When I’m in the store I can take a break from the usual and not so usual worries of life. I think everyone should have a happy place. A place to escape that doesn’t leave you unattainable (trust me I still get phone calls and texts when I’m at the thrift) but also makes you forget about things for a little while anyway.

So there’s my totally enjoyable Saturday morning shared with my Lelly which made it even sweeter. Here’s to next Saturday!




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