Off to the Big City !

I took today off from work because of an appointment. That appointment was cancelled. Since I already have the day off I figured I’d make the most of it and travel to Manhattan for the day. Stopping in the morning see my favorite therapist who I haven’t seen in over 6 months I believe. I haven’t needed to see or talk to her since starting this new job. I fell as though Nancy has given me wings to fly and I’m able to handle various life situations as they come along.

I’m still amazed at how God worked my life out. He placed Nancy in my life years before I would need her for me. In fact God primed the pump by having Nancy call me for information about a year before I needed her. A year after receiving her phone call I called her looking for guidance in dealing with the Board of Ed when we decided Thomas had to go away to residential school. I was already suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD from living with him and dealing with his aggressive behavior. I was also actively searching for a therapist but none would call me back. Anyway after telling Nancy I needed her help with Thomas she offered to meet me for coffee. I was puzzled and asked her why. She said, “Because you sound like you need a therapist”. God is so good. I started seeing her and continued to see her for the next 3 years. We covered a lot of ground and worked through a lot of issues. She respected my faith (Nancy is Jewish) and would encourage me to pray through situations. I asked her once why she was so supportive of a belief system so different from her own and she answered,”Of course I would support you, I see how important your faith is to you, why would I take that away?” That only increased my respect and admiration for her.

So here we are, a million sessions later ending with us quietly ending our sessions. There was no “closing” session. We left off that I could call her at any time and if I was going to be in the city to let her know and we’d try to get together.

So off I go on this chilly Monday morning in March. I’m on the ferry and then soon to be on the subway. Since I left my job in Manhattan I haven’t been back on the ferry or subway. It funny how something becomes familiar again so fast. I haven’t missed the commute, instead I’ve become spoiled working so close to home. I’m home from work in 30 minutes the longest depending on traffic.

After I see Nancy I’ll haunt my favorite thrift stores in the area. There are 3 🙂 . I’ll make my way home hopefully lugging full bags of my found treasures on the subway.

Happy Monday!



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