Selling stuff and cleaning out

We had a snow day this past Tuesday and since I had already cleaned out my closet and reconfigured my handbag storage situation this past weekend,  I decided to tackle the basement.

I had originally planned to sell my grandmother’s china since I wasn’t using it and had no future plans to use it, but my cousin expressed that she would love to have it. So that’s now gone thanks to my sister who picked it up for my cousin who lives 4 hrs away in Upstate NY. I’m guessing they will see each other before I will. Either way it’s a win/win situation and everybody is happy.

I’m also other dishes and plates that I’ve held onto merely because I have the storage space. It feels good to do a purge and get rid of things and also find things you had no idea you even have. I think I posted that I “found” an electric carving knife brand new in the box from probably my wedding shower over 20 years ago. I plugged that bad boy in and it runs like  champ! I now have a “new” carving knife that will come in handy during the holidays or when I cook a roast.

I was so surprised at the “stuff” that was put away in my basement. Things that were held on to for no particular reason. There were a lot of clothes and blankets to be donated and a lot of just plain garbage stuff whether it be toys no longer played with since everyone is so much older now or me stowing once sentimental things in a big box for posterity sake.

I think it was George Carlin who said the more storage space you have the more “stuff” you have. He’s right. I’d  love to tackle the attic one day. I know parts of Thomas’ infant bedding is up there along with extra copies of our wedding invitations. I gave my neighbor most if not all of Samantha’s newborn infant clothes when my neighbor was having twin girls. I was thrilled to see someone use her little clothes again. I know I have clothes up there from Thomas. Being the only boy I didn’t have anyone to pass on his clothes to. By the time my sister had her son too much time had passed. And styles do change even with toddler clothes.

The next chance I get I think I will take on the attic. It will be so satisfying to fill garbage bags to either donate or throw away. I get a thrill out of filling a big bag of stuff to get rid of.  Ok now I’m off to donate 2 huge bags to my favorite haunt The Salvation Army !  Happy Saturday !


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