Being Honest

I remember starting this blog a few years ago (I can’t believe I’ve been writing this long!) I wanted to write about and post pictures of my thrift finds. Instead I began writing about my family; my son and our journey with him more specifically. I am very honest and try to be as transparent as possible. And I appreciate that honesty in other people.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with a woman I’ve known since grammar school. We started chatting and she started telling me about her challenges with her child. My heart broke for her as I am all too familiar with being in challenging situations with my special needs son. We talked for quite a while and I understood exactly where she was coming from; she was so honest and I’m glad to have been there to at least to lend a listening ear.

I find myself thinking about God and my relationship with Him and my Lord and savior Jesus. Am I honest with other people since In person I rarely share my joy of my relationship with Jesus with non believers?  I keep it no secret here on my blog that I am saved; a follower of Christ, born again, whatever you want to call me. I worry about friends who aren’t saved who haven’t accepted Christ as their savior. I’m not bold enough in person to tell them I’m worried and that they need to accept Christ and God’s gift if grace, that they are loved more than they can ever imagine by a God who gave us  his only Son who gave up His life to save ours. Jesus loves us and for that I can hardly express how grateful I am. Not only did he die for us and take in our sins, He’s still interceding for us with the Father. This is all in present tense mind you. I’ve seen in my own life the wonderment of God’s work and prayers he’s answered with both a “yes, no” and “not yet”. His timing is always perfect and impeccable.

Perhaps God wants it this way, for me to share the Gospel in my blog. This is the only way I can be as  bold as I want to be. Maybe I need to be patient and when God wants me to speak up to a particular person He will orchestrate the timing and place perfectly.

Yes I’m sure that will happen;  in time. And I will be completely honest.




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