Getting my hair done

I went to the beauty parlor this afternoon after work. I don’t know if people still call hair places “beauty parlors” or not but I still do. Anyway… I’ve been going to this place  for the past 6 months or so. I get a color and hair cut. And I love it. I’ve been coloring my hair forever, seriously; I started when I was about 16 years old and never looked back. I only know my natural color by pictures but to be honest most of my pictures are from when I was a teen and by that time I was already blonde and my natural color just a memory. It’s funny because when I met my now husband all those years ago I was my natural color which is a very dark blonde to light brownish red. By the time he started attending the same high school as me I already went blonde but he was looking for the girl with the light brown hair he just met and thought was cute.

My hair had been just about every boxed/drug store color out there with the exception of black, I can’t go too dark or I look pale and sickly. From very pale blonde to very red to very brown; my hair and family have seen it all. I’ve colored my hair myself all these years and I have to say I’ve gotten spoiled by having my hair done at the beauty parlor. The woman mixes the exact color that I’m liking these days (blonde), applies it with a brush and I sit and play with my phone or text while it processes. My hair is then rinsed and shampooed by one of the assistants. I do nothing but switch chairs when the timer goes off. It is fabulous.

I can only justify what I call a luxury because I work full time now. I don’t know if I’d do this if I weren’t working, honestly I know I wouldn’t. I’d still be buying the box and doing it myself not that there’s anything wrong with that. I enjoy being pampered and firmly believe all Mom’s should be pampered to some extent. Most moms work really hard whether it be inside the home, outside the home or both.

So I’m home now,  pampering is over and I’m back to reality and washing dishes and cleaning up after dinner. I really did enjoy my time at the beauty parlor and thoroughly recommend it to every woman out there.





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