Manhattan day trip

Today my daughter Daniella and I are off to the isle of Manhattan! Lelly had an appointment and I’m there to tag along, not that I would let her go by herself anyway she is still only 15.

Some facts about my Lelly. She’s our 3rd and “middle child” She used to be the baby before Samantha came along. In some ways I still consider her the baby because she held that role for 5 years until Samantha was born and habits and ways of thinking die hard. She’s very affectionate and honest. Not that I believe in astrology all that much but her sign is Taurus and she does fit the description oddly enough.

One of the many things I love most about Daniella is the way she tells you what is on her mind for better or worse. Sometimes it’s a mini explosion of emotion and sometimes she simply talks calmly. I don’t even mind the mini explosions because I’d rather her get it out than hold back.

She confides in me and only once did I break that confidence when I approached one of her friend’s mother and mentioned that the woman’s daughter had a boyfriend. The mother had a feeling, but her daughter didn’t come out and actually say she was dating  it to her mother. I wanted to die I was so embarrassed and mortified. Of course Lelly was there to see and hear the whole thing and could not believe that I said something.  Of course if was as if I shared top security military secrets in the eyes of my daughter. I’ll never do that again. Ever.

Shes also fun to be with. Lelly has always been a strong willed child, she definitely has her own drummer she walks to the beat of. I remember when she was a young child, her testing me with that will as kids do. At that time one of my best friends, Jenn would tell me, “You don’t want to break her spirit…but it must be contained”. I’d say at this time in our lives that spirit is contained but arises when the moments are right.

She loves the Lord and serves in the capacities that are right for her, such as babysitting for parents of bible study groups and volunteering in the nursery of our church during Sunday service. We can openly talk to each other about God and prayer and worship and I love that.

So her and I are off today on a mini adventure to Manhattan. The weather could be nicer but it’s ok. We’ll make the best of it and enjoy being together.


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