Parking in Brooklyn

It stinks. Not that this is news to anyone in the tri-state area. I spent about 45 minutes looking for parking this morning. What complicated matters even more was that today is Wednesday and you have to worry about opposite side of the street parking rules where you cannot park on one side of the street due to street cleaning that occurs. So am already dire parking situation is made worse by those rules. To be honest I don’t even know which direction to walk to get to work I just kept turning down side streets in search of that elusive, legal parking space.

So today I parked a billion blocks away (not really it only felt that way while walking).  And I didn’t even know which direction to walk in to get to work. Thank God for cell phones and GPS. I am about 6-7 blocks away from the building where I work. It was quite the walk but the weather is nice this morning so all in all it wasn’t that bad. And I know I shouldn’t be complaining…

Judging by how many charts appear to be left to abstract (that is unless there’s a hidden lot of them that I don’t know about) my time here in Brooklyn may be short lived. And to all my Brooklyn native friends I apologize for not loving this borough as you do, I guess I’m just a Staten Island gal at heart. I’ve failed to find the charm here and admire this borough as I admire and love Manhattan.

I will say geography aside almost every person I’ve come in contact with who is a Brooklyn native has been nothing but warm and friendly to me. So there must be something here that makes the people so great. It certainly isn’t the lack of parking I can tell you that, or the traffic on the Belt Parkway.

It’s funny because I love Manhattan due to the anonymity it provides. You can be walking in the deepest of crowds and feel alone and anonymous. Here in Brooklyn it isn’t like that, the atmosphere is different. The people walking aren’t in such a hurry (only the cars driving by, or God forbid you don’t move as soon as the light turns green when you’re driving). The people here are for the most part friendly and the staff here at this office are helpful.

Now if we could just do away with opposite side of the street parking all would be right with the world…





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