Easter and Basketball and Church.

Easter. The day our Savior has risen from the dead. After he took on the sins of he world so you and I could come to the Father. It’s not about a bunny. Although I will admit my kids knew all about the Easter bunny before they knew all about Christ. Back in those days none of us were saved and never went to church and it took a boy playing basketball to get us to go to church.

When Thomas was around 11 or 12 years old he played basketball for our church league called “Upward”. It’s a nationwide Christian league that other churches also participate in. They do other sports too but our church only does basketball. The man in charge of upward st our church asked me to have Thomas attend a practice session so they could meet him. I’ll never forget sitting on the bleachers watching Thomas play during that practice. After it was over Stan (the man in charge) approached me to tell me that the first game was that Saturday and what size uniform would Thomas need? I wasn’t sure they would take a chance with Thomas playing basketball. All the other boys on the team were typical children. I was also worried that the kids wouldn’t accept Thomas being that he is special needs. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The other boys accepted him with such grace and even helped him to score baskets. Thomas’ catch phrase became “right in!  It went right in!” He was remarkably gifted at scoring from the 3 point line, it was amazing.

Alyssa and Lelly also played on their own teams so every Saturday for 10 weeks we got to watch our kids as a family play a great sport with awesome coaches. My best friend’s daughters played on the same teams as my girls so there was plenty of very loud cheering from us in the bleachers.

During an Upward basketball game, at halftime there would be a devotional. Usually a shortened explanation of the Gospel tailored to the age group of kids playing. They would also go over the Bible verse the kids were to have memorized that week. Well wouldn’t you know those devotionals really struck my heart. I realized I needed Jesus in my life. We started going to Salem church because we were invited to a service that was to highlight the basketball players and their families.  I was hooked. The music was incredible! The songs hit me right between the eyes and most of the time I sang while holding back tears. It was the first time I heard worship music that sang to my soul. Soon we became regulars. Then I was baptized, then my daughters were baptized. I was so happy for them that they chose to follow Christ and have God in their lives. And to think it all started with a boy playing basketball.

This Sunday is more than chocolate candy and a bunny. It’s the day we proclaim He is risen indeed! It’s about God and His  Son and the Holy Spirit. Three in one.

For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believes in him shall have ever lasting life (John 3:16) God loves us that much. It took me a long time to be able to accept that love. I felt unworthy of such.  Only through prayer and hearing the Gospel and believing in our Lord did I finally get it. He loves you as you are and will meet you where you are; wherever that place may be. It happened to me. The Lord met me when I was angry with God and it was nothing but a loving, extraordinary experience.

Sunday I will exclaim He is risen indeed! With gratitude and joy. Jesus is the risen Savior!




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