Bag obsession

Hi my name is Menay and I have a handbag problem. I really do.  I call myself a handbag whore. It used to be shoes well… who am I kidding it’s still shoes but I started to fall in love with purses I’d say within the past 10 years or so. Even since I stopped carrying diaper bags and lugging my kids’ stuff wherever we went. Even when I had Samantha I didn’t use a traditional diaper bag. Most days when we went out, say when she was about 8 months old I just shoved a couple of diapers in what ever purse I was using and we were out the door. She was breast fed so even in the beginning when she was an infant I didn’t really “need” a full on diaper bag. She was the youngest of 4 so you use your experience and stop bringing everything and the kitchen sink when we went out.

So back to me being a handbag whore. It just happened I swear and I can’t help it, especially now that I’m working and have a bit of money. And before anyone gets all judgey on me take a look around we all have our “thing” that sets our hearts on fire. That thing that we can’t help but love and must have more of. To some it’s summer shoes, some sunglasses and others boots…just to name a few without naming the actual person who I know has those obsessions/wants/must haves.

I love all my bags I do have certain favorites but sometimes they aren’t always practical to care such as a top handle hand carry handbag in the rain. Trying to balance an umbrella and hand carry purse in the rain just stinks and I’ve learned my lesson. I can change bags up to three times a week. Each has a specific function and most have a place in my heart. A lot of my bags I’m sentimentally attached to believe it or not. I’ve sold a few here and there but those weren’t bags that made my heart sing or were given to me as gifts.

There are others out there like me; bag whores. I met one at work and we were both so happy we met!  She is a nurse like me doing chart abstracting and she was carrying a gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff purse. She admired my black Tory Burch. What an awesome common ground to have! We ended up becoming fast friends not just because of our purses but because we had other things to talk about of course. But it was still nice to have that common ground.

So here’s to all my fellow bag lovers out there and our husbands who try to understand and are generous enough to give up precious closet and armoire space for the sake of their wives’ shoes and bags.



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