Goodbye Brooklyn

In a couple of days I’ll say goodbye to my Brooklyn assignment. I’m not sorry to go. I won’t miss the traffic to and from work and I certainly won’t miss alternate side of the street parking days.  The people who drive in Brooklyn are totally a different bunch. If you don’t have your foot poised and ready to go on the gas pedal when the light turns green you get unmercifully honked at. If you’re double parked to slip into someone’s space after they leave you better have those hazard lights on. If you don’t know how to parallel park you’d better learn; fast.  These are the life lessons I’ve been taught here in Brooklyn. I’ve also noticed I’m a less patient driver when I’m home in my own borough. Hopefully that will work itself out. I don’t hate it here, it’s just different from what I’m used to. I went shopping on my lunch break today.  Something I’m not able to do when I work in my home area. I ran to the Gap to make a return and of course couldn’t leave without seeing what was on sale. Then I literally ran back to work to scarf down a yogurt so I wouldn’t be too hungry later.

The people at this office have been very nice and accommodating to us. I’ve been chatty with the office manager and she’s very sweet and genuine. The other front desk people and secretaries are also really nice to be around. The doctors we’ve been interacting with have been quite interesting. Some have more personality than others and some just don’t talk to you at all; very strange. I’ve met one gastroenterologist who is into handbags like me, I though that was pretty cool.

I’d say the best part about being here is that I’ve made a new friend. She’s also a nurse abstracting charts but she only works 3 days a week. She’s younger than me, like 24 ish, but she’s really cool and mature and so nice to be around. I hope we get to work together again.

So I’ll soak up Brooklyn in my last days here. Farewell Gyro restaurant across the street, goodbye Gap store two blocks down, goodbye loud subway train a half block away…its been real.




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