Working/Not Working

I’m off to Manhattan tomorrow! One perk of being home from work. I’m in between abstracting assignments. The next job should start either the middle of this week or the beginning of next. It’s ok I don’t mind being home for a little while. The littler the better though. I’m so used to going to work that the thought of staying home again makes me panic a little. I like going to work, I don’t mind Mondays and I like talking to people, I like my job. Working has taught me a lot about managing time. Which meals are fast and easy, going grocery shopping one evening during the week so I’m not wasting precious weekend time at ShopRite, and doing laundry during the week so my weekends aren’t full of folding and putting away. This time off will be nice.

I also like the money. My husband works very hard and is a very generous person. I really appreciate all he’s done and sacrificed for us all these years. Me working takes some of the financial burden off of him and I’m glad I’m able to do that. Plus there’s something to be said about spending your own money, it’s nice. I prayed long and hard for this job and I know God has placed me exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I’m looking forward to being in Manhattan. I love the anonymity the city  gives you. I’m also looking forward to visiting one of my favorite thrift haunts while I’m there. I made an appointment with my therapist as well. I don’t see her anymore on a regular basis. I stopped seeing her when I landed my job. It’s no coincidence that my time with Nancy ended at the same time my employment began. God is a great orchestrator of our lives. He doesn’t close one chapter of your life until you are ready for the next.

I saw Nancy last month to catch her up on my life. I like to see her again just to talk, well that’s is what you do when you see your therapist; talk. But these days there isn’t anything pressing or earth shattered going on like there was in the beginning when I first started seeing her. Where I am right now is a good place and I thank God for putting Nancy in my life to enable me to be here.

It’s supposed to be a nice day weather wise so I’m looking forward to the ferry ride, the subway and then walking the streets of my city.


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