Joined a Gym

The other day Tommy and I went for a visit/tour of an LA Fitness center that recently opened not far from our house. The gym was beautiful, so new, so clean, so sparkly!  We really liked it and felt the monthly cost was worth the money so we signed up. We went home to eat dinner and Tommy asked me if I wanted to go to the gym after we ate. I was like o…..k…..  I was nervous I haven’t set foot in a gym in a hundred years. Plus I had no “gym clothes”, no not even sweats I don’t wear them. I’m not a sneaker person so there was that to contend with as well.

After dinner I had some time so I ran to TJ  Maxx and found every thing I needed. (I love TJ Maxx 😊).  I returned home, changed quickly and we were on our way.  Thank God I had Tommy with me I didn’t know what to do with any machines besides the stationary bikes and the treadmills. We did some warm up cardio first then we checked out the machines and my feelings of insecurity quickly faded away. We did abs, triceps, some leg work outs and free weights. We ended with cardio on the stationary bikes. I loved it!

Yesterday morning Alyssa and I went right after I dropped Lelly at her ride to school’s house. We arrived about 8 ish and again did cardio for warm up. Then we set our sights on the “machines”. We quickly figured out the ones we wanted to use and traded off doing sets. It was cool to work out with her, my Yaya. We finished up with cardio on the treadmill.

Now my body is sore. My abs are telling me not to work them out for a couple of days and I shall listen. It’s not a bad, “Oh my gosh I can’t move!” sore its more like my muscles reminding me that I put them to use in a way they haven’t been used in a while. And that’s cool.

Now Lelly wants to come. That will be a lot of fun. Part of our membership is getting people guest passes. Alyssa has one, next; Lelly. I don’t know what my gym goals are. Mainly to do “something” with this body carrying extra pounds that I loathe.

I’m glad Tommy and I joined and we can work out together. He’s very patient and sweet. Like he would be any other way with me? I look forward to my abs not being sore anymore so I can work them out again and hopefully whip them into shape 😜.  Here’s to the gym !!

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