I had to to go to the unemployment office yesterday to attend a mandatory session before they will pay me benefits. It was pretty boring and a bit informational.  I noticed the population was very diverse just about every stage of working life represented. The whole thing took about 90 minutes. I was surprised to learn all the offerings of the labor office. Like help with your resume, use of their computers and fax machines, and job postings. There was even healthcare organization represented with hopes of filling vacancies they had. I was pretty impressed.

My son graduates from his school at the end of this month. Thomas turns 21 this July and the board of education was/is responsible for educating him until the age of 21. I can’t believe it. What’s funny is that I remember just about every little thing of Thomas’ life. Every eval, every school, every teacher. Who was helpful who was not. Who Thomas liked who he did not. Every IEP meeting I attended calm and not so calm and who supported me and who did not.  Who came all the way from Long Island to be with me (Diane…) for an IEP meeting. I don’t know if I remember everything about then Girls the way I do Thomas. I’m sure it’s because he was my first and we had a not so typical path almost from the get go. When I think back it’s all just so crystal clear. Everything. The good and the not so good. The happy and the not so happy. I can list the meds he trailed and failed and what worked for him the best. I can tell you Thomas was always great about getting his blood drawn, even as a very young child. He is and will always be an amazing guy; my Thomas.

I don’t know if I’m ready for this next chapter in my son’s life. True adulthood. Thomas will eventually be living in a group home. We are still waiting on the state to approve the one that is here where we live. I never thought this would take as long as it has. When he does live at the group home Thomas will attend a day program which hopefully will be some sort of vocational program. I can’t tell you how much we are looking forward to him moving to the group home. To have our son be so close to us geographically will be such a blessing. We can’t wait to have him over for dinner or go to the mall during the week one evening knowing he’s living 10 minutes away from us. Things so simple won’t have to be exclusively planned out.

So there are my musings for a Thursday morning. I hope everyone’s day goes as smooth as possible.

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