Not working…Being Home, again.

It’s been a change for me to be laid off from the job I held. I went from working full time; 40 hours a week to; nothing. And not only the work do I miss it’s the interaction I’ve had with co workers and people that work at the various sites I’ve been assigned to. I’ve been very fortunate that I hadn’t met any snobby or unfriendly people at my assignments.

So I’m home. It’s odd because I’ve shifted effortlessly back into the routine I had when I was exclusively a stay at home mom/or when I was working extreme part time 7 hrs a week piercing ears. I run errands, straighten up the house. I feel like I’m forever cleaning up after the animals that live here compared to cleaning up after my kids. The animals are worse at this stage of the game. I’ve also gone back to my routine of thrifting during the week now that I have the time during the day. I’ve written about my love of the thrift store; my happy place, it still is.

Im debating going back to work abstracting charts when/if the assignments start again. I don’t see why I shouldn’t. I don’t have to do it full time and the money is nice. I’m still waiting for unemployment to kick in but from what I understand it could take a few weeks. I have to report to the unemployment office on Wednesday in the downtown area where I live. Parking is a nightmare so I’ll take the bus. I tried to get out of going by calling and telling them I have a job that starts in September but the woman quickly answered, “No, that’s too far away you HAVE to I come. Fine it’s only for an hour or two in the morning.

Being home means I see more of the girls. That’s nice too. I’m not rushed to make sure dinner is ready and sometimes they can come to the gym with me. Oh the gym! How could I forget. I’ve been making  the most of my time there, going about 4 times a week because I can. I wish I had listened to my husband and joined a gym sooner. I really enjoy going especially if Lelly or Alyssa come with me.

So fingers crossed either unemployment starts paying or I’m assigned to work again I’ll take either.


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