Trusting God

Trusting God. It’s something I’ve struggled with until recently. If I have to pinpoint a time where I finally put all my trust in Him it would have to be when both my parents were battling cancer at the same time. My mom; bladder cancer and my dad; liver and colon cancer.

My dad was in serious condition this past October, 2016. He required emergency surgery which resulted in him having a permanent colostomy. I remember trying so hard to be strong but all I could do is cry when I wasn’t with him, I so did not want to cry in front of him. Even now remembering that time brings tears to my eyes.

I remember emailing my prayer warrior friends to pray for both my parents and I seriously couldn’t believe the situation. Both parents have cancer??  My prayer warriors quickly passed along my prayer request to other members of the church and I asked my church prayer team to pray for them. I find it amazing and comforting that my parents had people from all walks of life and around the country praying for them.

During this time I had a serious session with God. I handed the whole situation over to Him. God is the one in charge anyway as well as being the Great Physician. I felt a great relief when I handed my parents over to Him. I stopped crying because God has this.

My mom had her surgery and all went well considering how serious the operation was. She recovered in the time frame they said she would and when Mom went to a rehab facility before heading home; after a couple of days the staff didn’t know what to do with her. She was doing so well.

Today my mom is cancer free, the bladder cancer had not spread to any other areas of her body. I thank God for that. My dad is and will be for the unforseeable future receiving chemotherapy every other week. His legs are week from a previous battle with Guillian Barre syndrome so he walks quite slow with a walker and his voice is quite hoarse from a side effect of the chemo. He’s also lost some weight which is to be expected as the chemo changes the way he tastes good.  He’s himself though, same attitude, same sarcasm and wise guy remarks. And he’s fighting the cancer today with the same fighting attitude he had back in October. His last PET scan showed the chemo was working and he has another PET scan in a few weeks in July.

I still have concerns about my parents but handing over the cancer to The Lord released me from trying to control things by worrying. I no longer cry when I think of my dad. I know he’s fighting the best he can and that the Lord is also fighting along with him. My church is still praying for my dad as are my friends from all over the country.

My parents are both fighters and both saved Christians. They believe in Jesus as their savior and Lord. I have nothing to fear for them. I have complet faith in the Lords plan for them, whatever that plan may be. Thy will be di

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