Father’s Day

Father’s Day it’s the day we pay homage to all those wonderful Dads, grandpa’s, great grandpas, uncles, friends who are fellow dads and friends who are close enough to be your dad. It’s a great day.

Tomorrow we will be going upstate to go out to breakfast with Thomas, so the 6 of us can be together at least part of the day for Father’s Day for Tommy. We will also be remembering my father in law who passed away this past October.

It’s the first Father’s Day he won’t be with us. I miss Chick. As I was watching Samantha’s softball game yesterday I was thinking what a kick he would have gotten out of watching her play. He adored his grandchildren and was the quintessential proud “poppy” as my kids called him. He was an amazing father in law. He literally treated me like a daughter letting me in to areas of his life that are usually off limits to inlaws. I miss not being able to tell him about my new job and I miss the reaction of joy he would have had. I know he’s with The Lord watching us from above and  I know he’s not missing the smallest moments of our lives. It just hurts to not have him here physically.

My husband is wonderful. He’s loving, kind, generous and extremely thoughtful not to mention handsome. I have grown as a person thanks to my husband. I know I’m a better person as a result of knowing and loving him. Tommy is very selfless, a quality I really admire in him. I feel like I grew up with him since I’ve know I’m since we were 15 years old. Tommy is also very funny, he has an awesome sense of humor that easily rubs off on you. I love to laugh with him.

I hope my own dad has a wonderful Father’s Day. He hasn’t had an easy time since this past October. Emergency surgery, a colostomy, liver and colon cancer and now chemo. I admire my dad and his fighting attitude towards the cancer. These days he moves a bit slow but he still cracks jokes and is as sarcastic as always. He’s great to talk to and is quick to share your joy when you have good news to share. I love my dad and I’m oh so grateful that he’s here to celebrate another Father’s Day with us.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dad’s out there near and far.


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