I’m off to Manhattan today. It’s like a mini vacation from my life when I go to the city. I love the anonymity Manhattan gives you. As I’m on the ferry I get to people watch and note who’s a tourist and who’s a “native” or transplanted native. The natives sleep on the boat or get busy doing something to kill the time all while not paying attention to the sites such as the Statue of Liberty that we are passing on our way.

My next step of my commute is the subway. I’ll have to switch from a local to express train as I’m running late for my appointment. I don’t mind the express train I’m always in awe of how fast I get to my destination when I take the 2 or 3 trains. I’ve made it from Chambers St. to 96th Street in a half hour taking the express train. Of course today there major delays with the express trains so I’m forced to stay on the local and be late for my appointment.

I cant help by people watch while on the train. Almost everyone  (including me) has their head down staring at their phone. I notice the “natives” they’re the ones getting ready to sleep for their ride.

The bag lady in me notes just about every handbag/purse I see. I notice that in Manhattan, people are more inclined to use bags that aren’t recognizable meaning no common monograms or logo’s. Here and there I’ll recognize someone’s bag but I am a self admitted bag freak. Today I am wearing a plain yellow leather Longchamp purse that wouldn’t be recognized by anyone unless they were as big a bag junkie as myself.

After my appointment I’ll go to my favorite thrift store in the city. As most of you know I love thrifting and the thrill of the hunt. You never know what you’ll find in the thrift store and for how much money. One time this shop had a very outdated, scratched pair of Christian Dior sunglasses for sale. They wanted; get this; 125.00 for them. I almost laughed out loud but didn’t. Those sunglasses sat there for weeks before I noticed they were gone. I would imagine that they had to have lowered the price. Either that or someone payed the inflated outrageous price for them.

So I’m stuck here on this local train. I’m not a happy camper and I can only assume I’m not alone in this situation. Hopefully I can catch an express train soon and I’ll be quickly on my way to my (late) appointment. Whew! I just transferred over to an express train. Now we’re moving!

I’m on my way!




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