Watching God work

I had a great time in the city.  I was only 15 minutes late for my appointment and I was able to hit up my favorite thrift store for a few great scores. One of which is a new with tags Vera Bradley backpack. Whoever ticketed it at the Salvation Army either didn’t care or didn’t look at the suggested retail price tag of 105.00. They stapled their price tag right over that. I almost fell off my seat while on the ferry when I saw the Vera Bradley tag.

My appointment was with my therapist, Nancy. I don’t see her as often as I used to, in fact I see her as I want these days. I like talking to her. And it’s really nice that I’m not in crisis mode. I stopped seeing her when I started working full time back in October of 2016. I didn’t know if I was ready to stop seeing her but God had other plans with my employment situation.

I asked her if it was ok that I come back to talk to her. She exclaimed, “Yes! Yes, it’s so nice to talk to you about your life and how nice things are for you these days instead of worrying about you when you left”. She listens to me talk about my kids and how calm my life is these days. She always ends our sessions with, “You have a nice life.” And I’m almost embarrassed to agree with her, like I’m bragging somehow. I believe everyone should have a Nancy.

I have no doubt that God orchestrated my past two jobs to culminate in my future career with the Board of Ed. When I started working for the medical ear piercing company I wasn’t ready mentally for anything more than extreme part time employment. I stayed there for two years hoping for more hours, when that didn’t happen I applied on a whim for the charting abstracting job. The Lord knew I was ready for a full time job. And it was quite the transition for my family. I enjoyed working full time. It was what I needed and God always gives you what you need.

Now I’m soon to be embarking on a new employment path as a school nurse for special needs students. I’d be lying if I said I’m not nervous, I am but it’s not full blown out anxiety and panic as it would have been in the past. I’m enjoying my time off right now, enjoying the company of my girls and looking forward to September when I start training for this new position.

I stand in awe at the work of the Lord in my life. He gave me exactly what I could handle when I could handle it. Our God is amazing and worthy to be praised.


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