A Beach Day

The other day my husband and I had a beach day all to ourselves. Samantha was at camp and the other 2 girls were working so that left him and I flying solotogether. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, a bit cloudy at first but then wonderfully sunny and about 75 degrees.

We set up our chairs close to the water and got settled in for the day. We brought water and chips; neither one of us are big eaters at the beach. It was high tide when we arrived by the time I went in the water the tide had started receding. The water was fantastic, just enough cold to cool you off and warm enough to be inviting you to come in further.

I had such a great time with my husband. I see now that everyone is older and more independent we have more time together as a couple. And we like being together. It’s nice. Somedays when it’s just Tommy and I we run errands together, Home Depot or Lowes he’s even gotten me to go to Harbor Freight the tool warehouse. What we do for love…  In all fairness he’ll go to the mall with me but we usually split up and meet together again, I get it he’d rather check out tools at Sears while I’m at the Gap.

One thing I won’t ask him to do with me is thrift shop. Tommy is not a lover of the thrift. And that’s ok we all need our own thing and that’s mine. He has his motorcycle, I’ve gone on rides with him but it’s not really “me” and Tommy is ok with that. I’m not afraid to ride with him I know he’ll keep me safe.

I never thought this far in the future when our kids were younger. That one day we would have time to ourselves as a couple and really enjoy each other’s company again. I don’t care what anyone says raising kids is tough on a relationship. Throw in a special needs kid and you’ve really got some tough times.

I feel as though there are separate lives of Tommy and I. The time where we were dating and then engaged. Having kids (Thomas was born within our first year of marriage) and raising them, including all the years of dealing with Thomas’ issues and diagnosis’. Now we’re in the time of rediscovering each other and realizing yes I still love and like to be with this person! I’m sure there will be another part of our relationship when or girls start getting married and have children of their own. I’m not rushing anything. I’m quite content with the way time is marching these days.

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