What if I’m Wrong?

That was what our Pastor lead with during this past Sunday’s service. Pastor John has been doing an interesting series called “Major messages from the Minor Prophets” or something to that effect. I’ve been totally into his message these past couple of weeks.

This Sunday’s message was taken from the book of Obadiah. It is a very short book in the Bible, only 21 verses and it spoke to the people of Edom. Warning them that they will be destroyed because they continue to go to war with the nation of Judah (Israel). Pastor John gave numerous examples that face us in real life today that relate to Obadiah’s message that was recorded so long ago. Pastor John preached that there may be certain parts of our lives that even though it goes against God we keep that part of our lives to ourselves “I can do this myself without God”. I can say that I felt convicted. Before I was saved I lived with my now husband before marriage. I was raised in the church and knew it was a sin to live together without being married yet I chose to do things “my way,” without God. I decided that I could do that part of my life without God.

There are plenty of situations in our lives that we chose to handle without God’s involvement. I know once I started to surrender and let God take the lead things became a lot easier to handle. For example waiting and waiting for our son Thomas to move into the group home 10 minutes from our house. I’ve surrendered that entire situation to the Lord and I no longer worry about the why’s and the when’s. I know I’m not wrong to trust in the Lord.

There have been plenty of times I chose to not trust in God and things still turned out  alright, but the time and energy I wasted worrying and being anxious could have been better spent elsewhere. The day I took the nursing test and interviewed with the Board of Ed for my new nursing position I prayed that whole time. It was only when I oprayed and told God “ok we’ll do this your way if this is where I’m supposed to be then I will follow.” The next thing I knew I was being told I had the job. I wasn’t wrong to follow Him and I can’t think of one time that I did follow God and was full of regret.

For years I did everything I could think of rather than work as a nurse. I did retail, Macy’s and then high end retail. I enjoyed both positions but the money wasn’t there to make it worth the while of upsetting Tommy’s work schedule. I tried personal shopping and while that was something that I enjoyed as well, the business wasn’t there to sustain me. It was only when I accepted the fact that God wants me to work as a nurse did I become I successfully employed person, making a salary that was worthy of my work and experience. I always knew deep down that I was meant to work as a nurse but I tried to do things my way and it didn’t work.

What if I’m wrong?  There are many questions we can ask ourselves and not like the answers we get in return. I know I was wrong and I’m still growing as a Christian. I can’t imagine anyone being “right” all the time.




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