Coming Home

Our week at the beach is over and we’re driving home. We drove down there with only Lelly and Samantha and are coming home with Alyssa and her boyfriend Sam. Alyssa flew down to see her boyfriend’s mother’s new house a few days before we left. Sam’s mother then drove them to the beach house last Saturday and his mom and sister stayed for dinner. It was really nice to see Sam’s mom and spend time with her. She’s a great woman.

As I write this we’re in the great state of Delaware. A few hours from home. For the record I’m starving, ok maybe not starving but I am hungry. I was outvoted for stopping for lunch, everyone wants to “plow through” to home. Fine I’ll live.

I’m really going to miss the beach or rather being so close to the beach. I’m already planning our next beach day after we arrive home. I am ready to go home though. I miss my house and I miss my pets. I’m ready to get back into whatever routine I’ll have going on with Samantha being finished with camp. This week I do have to meet with Human Resources for my new job. I hope the weather is nice. While I was in vacation I received a few work related emails. I’m glad to have gotten them although all it made me think was,”Wow…$h!tz getting real!” I’m still awaiting an employment verification letter from one of my former employers. I’ve been calling and asking for this letter since May. I have no idea why they are having an issue with this when all my other former employers sent me their letters within days of me asking.

Another part of being home I’ve been missing is church. I miss my church family and I miss the Pastor when he preaches his message. I really enjoy listening to Pastor John. He teaches so much when he preaches. He’s great.

We had a great week away. Good times with great friends. I had a wonderful beach buddy in my friend Martha. I even convinced Samantha to come with us one day and she came along. She did lose her enthusiasm after a few hours. I neglected to bring snacks so it was partly my fault. Thankfully Tommy came back from jet skiing with the older kids and collected Samantha and brought her back to the house so she could enjoy the pool.

So farewell to the beach! Hello again to my life.


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